Aesthetic Medicine Products

Variety of products such as Lidocaine, Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, products appropreiate for different aesthetic treatments such as correcting moderate facial wrinkles and enhancing lip volume.

What We Do

Before we opened this store, we sold these products on Unfortunately ebay’s terms and conditions no longer allow us to do that, that’s why we decided to open our online store.

We provide the best quality products for individual and professional application. Our shop consists of over 80 different products, which are chosen to suit all your needs.


We offer all kind of aesthetic medicine products, however currently our online stock is limited to these categories. If you need any other product, contact us!

HA Fillers

Anesthesia (Coming soon…)

Mesococtails (Coming soon…)

Tissue Stimulators (Coming soon…)

Lipolysis (coming soon)

Revitalisation (coming soon)

Chemical Peeling (coming soon)

Packaged Deals (coming soon)


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